TAF Scholarship Winner

The Airmanship Foundation (TAF), a 501c3 non-for-profit corporation, is proud to present our
latest effort to enrich the legacy of aviation, the General Robert E. Harris Memorial Aerospace

Major General Robert E. Harris was a pilot, commander and combat veteran who spent the
majority of his military career serving in the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. In addition to
serving our country, General Harris’ self-described calling was the mentorship of youth in
aerospace endeavors. He supported countless individuals in pursuit of their dreams in aviation
and aerospace.

The specific purpose of TAF is to preserve and pass on the heritage and basic airmanship skills of
flying and operating aircraft and to further seek to educate youth and empower young people to
endeavor in the field of airmanship and aerospace as a whole. Given the TAF’s and General
Harris common purpose, it is fitting what our foundation offers a scholarship in General Harris

TAF is proud to announce the winner of the $2500 General Harris Memorial Scholarship is Ms.
Kasia Segieda. Ms. Segieda is in her Junior year at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale
majoring in Aviation Management. Her exceptional dedication to aviation has shown through in
her efforts and successes. Ms. Segieda has shown a great passion for aviation by taking an active
role in organizations such as EAA, WIA, and IAC. She has demonstrated determination and
dedication to aviation and airmanship in the face of adversity. TAF is sure she will carry on the
legacy of airmanship for generations to come.

TAF wishes to thank all of our applicants for taking the time to apply for this award. Thanks to
the several highly qualified and motivated candidates the selection process was not an easy one.
We are sure that the future of aviation is safe in your hands.

TAF would also like to thank our generous donors who funded this great endeavor:
Mr. Rich Fiddler
Mr. Richard Roberts
Mr. John Wanat
Mr. Brian Maisler
Mr. Scott Glaser

Thanks to your donations The General Harris Memorial Scholarship will help to carry on the
legacy of aerospace to future generations, as General Harris did and as TAF continues to

Biography of Major General Robert E. Harris

Major General Robert E. Harris served as the Commander of the Pennsylvania Air National
Guard from 1984 until 1992. As the Commander he led 51 units in their Federal and State
missions and was the primary Air Force Advisor to the Adjutant General.

Harris was commissioned in 1954. After a tour on active duty and more training in the Air Force
Reserve and a couple of promotions, he came to the Pennsylvania Air National Guard in 1962.
As part of the 140 th Military Airlift Group, Olmstead Air Force Base, PA he flew as a line pilot and
aircraft commander on many worldwide missions. In 1967 Harris became full-time in the Guard.
The unit was re-designated the 193 rd Special Operations Wing (SWO). The 193 rd took on the
increasingly important tactical electronic warfare mission in the United States and overseas.
Soon Harris was in Thailand. There he was decorated while piloting the first EC-121 “Cornet
Solo” During Operation Commando Buzz.

As the Air Force modernized the fleet, Harris upgraded aircraft and served as an Instructor pilot.
As the Deputy Commander for Operations he developed the most extensive flying schedule of
any flying group in the National Guard. In 1979 Harris became the 193 rd commander. In 1983
Harris personally led the unit’s mission to Grenada, racking up more combat flying hours, now
over 112. Harris was promoted to Brigadier General in 1985 after serving as the Commander of
the Pennsylvania Air National Guard for the previous year. Harris continued to fly, participating
in Operation Joint Cause (the invasion of Panama in 1989).

Upon his retirement, Harris was decorated with the Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, the
highest peacetime award.